Oriel Paterson

Oriel Paterson

(BA Art History & Anthropology) Oriel has been a henna artist since 1999, after a journey to Morocco with her partner, finding a resonance in the ritual of traditional henna.  Her devoted path as a traveller, an artist and a deep intrigue of other cultures influenced the development of the Henna Harem. As a child Oriel lived in East Africa, the Middle East, England and Australia, as well as visiting many other lands. This enchanted childhood gave her an appreciation of the planets vast cultural diversity, and the connection between us all. As a professional of over 15 years, Oriel specialises in traditional application and hand-drawn design, using her natural, non-toxic, plant-based paste.  

Our intrigue with henna began with a journey to Morocco in 1996 as young lovers, where the beauty of this magical plant was discovered, and a desire to follow its divine art nurtured. Unlocking ancient memory, the process of hand-drawing a design flows naturally, resulting in a relaxed transformation of skin and the whole body.           ~ Oriel 




Chefchaouen, Morocco. 1996

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