Turkish Encounters

In 2004 we went to Turkey; it was our girls first overseas trip, Lily and Ella were 7 and 3 years old.  For us it was on obvious place to go – the jewel connecting point between East and West, the Asian and European continents and cultures.  Besides...
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Birth of a Henna Artist

HOW DID YOU GET INTO HENNA? Possibly my most frequently asked question; that and “How long have you been doing this?”. In 1996, Drew, my husband, and I hitch-hiked from Paris to Morocco.  We were young, full of bravado and on a shoestring budget. ...
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Crowning Glory

When I arrived at my friends sun-filled garden and climbed inside the Mongolian yurt, there was a sense that something special was about to happen.  This circular, hand-made space became our cocoon for connection and emergence – I was...
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Live as if Dying

My mother died at 37.  I’ve always been rather flippant about death, knowing very clearly it is a part of life and happens to the best of us.  Knowing also there is no going back, there is nothing more final and it is the ultimate void. I had...
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Sunshine on Splendour

Like an opium den of self indulgence, people come to the Henna Harem to experiment, to mark, to symbolise and celebrate. They wait, they stay, they laugh and then leave with a beautiful stain, a strong memory and a few new friends.   After years...
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Returning to the Middle Ages

Our henna stall has attended the Abbey Medieval Tournament since 2004 providing a traditional henna experience to those visiting Abbeystowe. Our henna paste is made fresh using natural ingredients. Over the weekend we create traditional designs from Medieval...
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